Circular Changes (2017)

Official release Oct 27, 2017

"Circular Changes" is the second release of Michael Bloch Trio, moving the trio towards a more groove-based and melody-focused approach, creating a unique style of expression. 

The title suggests that we sometimes move in circles during our lives, but we still make progress and change. We return to places we've been to before, but things have changed. This is reflected in the character of the music. Several of the melodies suggest a sense of retrospection and light melancholy, while at the same time, their innovative freshness confirms that we live in the present and have moved on.

The music can be categorized as modern, melodic jazz, influenced by both classical and pop music. Many of the compositions appear to have simple harmonies, but underneath, there is a subtle complexity.


First Light (2015)

"First Light" was the debut album for Michael Bloch Trio and a personal one. One that summarizes more than two decades of musical experience. It is the result of a longer process, a search for a distinctive musical expression. 

Behind this, is a vision of creating a musical expression that incorporates the emotional intensity of John Coltrane and the lyrical style of Bill Evans,  combined with influences from classical and contemporary music.

This recording represents the first version of this musical vision. It emphasises the lyrical aspect, but also contains elements of hard-swinging jazz. The melodic and virtuosic piano style of Bloch, is well matched by the sophisticated and sensitive drumming of Anders Thorén. All of this is tied together by bass player Frode Berg, who is taking the music to an even higher level with his steady accompaniment and brilliant tone.

The album was recorded in Nilento studio in Gothenburg during May 2015. It contains mostly original compositions by pianist Michael Bloch, and it is Bloch's first recording as a leader.